GO provides a variety of coating services with
the latest equipment
including E-beam Vacuum Coater /
Sputter Coater / Plasma Clean System, etc.

  • Customized design for coating films to meet durability and endure various environmental conditions.
  • Reliability tests
  • Coating technology and measurement technology ranging from Deep UV to FLIR.
  • Chamber up to Ø 3200, various 2M-grade coating possible.
  • Precisely measure up to 193nm ~ 14um.
  • Facilities capable of coating from samples to mass production.
You can discuss with skilled coating engineers on specifications at any time.

Coating Sectors

Band Pass Filter

   · T>96%@365nm, FHWM : 7nm
   · Main Filter + Sub Filter combination

825nm OD4 Filter

   · Ta>95%@450~815nm, OD4@825nm
   · IBS Coating

3W Laser HR Coating

   · R≥99.9%@633/1070/1050nm, AOI : 30&45deg
   · LIDT : 100KW/cm²

355nm NPBS (Plate)Coating

   · Ratio : 0.9~1.1, AOI : 45deg
   · AR R<0.25%

MWIR AR Coating [Ge/Si/Zns/ZnSe]

   · Ra<0.3%, AOI: 0~30deg, Ta>98.5%
   · HD AR [Not DLC Coating]
   · DLC AR Ta>95%

LWIR AR Coating [IRG26/Ge/Zns/ZnSe]

   · Ra<0.5%, Ta>98%
   · DLC Coating Ta>92%

Coating Room

   · Temperature-constant, humidity-constant precesion coating
    [Constant 25℃, 45%, Class : 1000]

   · UV~NIR AR & high power Laser coating , etc.